Hear the crickets chirping yet?

Pray pardon the silence here on the blogosphere.  We’ve had an interesting week.  It all began when one of my boys flushed a small hairbrush down the toilet.  That was fixed by my Dad, but calling a plumber unveiled a deeper problem: a faulty old sewer line punctured in areas with roots–even roots from a tree cut down years ago.

The kiddos are loving it, however.  A John Deere backhoe, a dump truck or two, and even a cement mixer are showing up in Grandpa’s driveway.  Never mind the fact that this wasn’t exactly on my parents’ list of things to do this Fall; as far as the boys are concerned, they probably planned it just for their entertainment, and they appreciate it. 😉

October 2009 010October 2009 020

One thought on “Hear the crickets chirping yet?

  1. What an unpleasant surprise for your parents! There was a house in our neighborhood that got torn down this year, and my kids sure enjoyed watching that process–heck, I did too!

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