Show me the money!

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot from the Rascal about how he is big enough to have a shiny new car.  I don’t exactly know where this is coming from, but he is quite loquacious about it.  For example, this evening I was in the spare room attempting to have a conversation with Haus Meister over the cell phone when we were interrupted by the Rascal who proceeded to talk at length about shiny cars, fast cars, how he was big enough to drive one (ha!), how he would go whoosh and vrooom around our van, etc. etc. etc.  His Daddy was highly amused.

I’ve been listening to this all week, and at some point I think I reminded him that he lacked sufficient funds to purchase a shiny new vehicle.  That perplexed him, until today.

I was on diaper duty in the back of the house and I heard Rascal in the kitchen telling Princess to “get out of that.”  Suddenly I remembered that she had been poised and ready to start emptying my purse when I had passed through the kitchen.  Oh great, I thought.

In comes the Rascal, smug and content.  “I have lotsa money now,” he says.

I think to myself that he’s emptied my coin purse and ask to see the money.

He thumbs down a pocket of his jeans.  I jump up and ask him to let me see if he could keep any of that money, because stuffed in his little pocket were:

  • My supermarket “bonus” card
  • A member card to a grocery store I no longer frequent (now Rascal’s “$”)
  • A gift card to Home Depot
  • My BP gasoline card
  • My VISA

I think it’s time for someone to have some play money, don’t you?

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