The project is COMPLETED! (1 of 4, at least)

Ok, so I didn’t get all four nightgowns made before we trekked northward.  I really do need to temper my ambition with a heaping dose of reality someday.  Someday.  In the meantime, this was a very fun project and I did finish the nightgown I had planned a long while ago.

So without further ado….

The blue one

Now here is the neat part (in my opinion).  Using Simplicity Pattern 5695, I refashioned this adorable nightie from an old nightgown of my own that I bought last year at Target but didn’t really like after a few wearings.  Don’t ooh and ahh too much over my spectacular ruffled hem, though, because it was original to the nightgown.

Previous life of the nightgown

Previous life of the nightgown

And here’s what it looks like on Princess from the back, as she models while doing what she does best (making a mess).

messy pretty princess

I will finish the remaining three nightgowns when I get home.  I have some ideas on incorporating long sleeves and I want to find a different trim for the pink polka-dot one anyway.  I’ll post pictures when I finish them.

2 thoughts on “The project is COMPLETED! (1 of 4, at least)

  1. Such a cute little nightgown–and of course, an even cuter little Princess! Can you make clothes for my kids, too? 😉

  2. I don’t think H. would appreciate my attempts at boys’ pajamas. Nor do I think he’d appreciate a night shirt. 😉

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