Boy, you make me smile.

Now that the Dinosaur has started talking more on his own (instead of allowing the Rascal to do his talking for him), we’ve been hearing quite a bit from him.  Sometimes he talks, sometimes he growls.  He has a special voice when he’s playacting (“Per-cy! Diss is Topham Hatt!”), and he also makes many animal noises as his active imagination dictates that now is the time to be an elephant/cat/cow, etc. (including, heaven help us, during Mass).

Of course now he likes to vociferate the wrongs perpetrated against him by his elder brother(s), and occasionally by the little sister.  However, you can tell whom he’s more often mad at because everything is Rascal’s fault, even though they are best buddies.  Take today, for instance.  We made the trip up North again and Princess found out it was very fun to stick her foot out and nudge Dinosaur as he sits next to her in the van.  Of course, trussed up in a 5-point harness, Dinosaur had no means of escape.  But he blamed the Rascal for it all the same! 

At my parents’ house there are toys for the grandkids and amongst them is a toy Tonka helicopter pretty identical to one we have at home.  The only difference is that the one at Grandma’s house makes noise, while ours hasn’t ever since it was tested in the microwave by the Trooper (another reason we no longer have a microwave).  I brought our ‘broken’ helicopter with us so that Trooper (who loves the ‘noisy’ one) and Dinosaur wouldn’t get into fights over the one at Grandma’s house.  Anyway, as I unpacked our things tonight in the spare room, Dinosaur comes in pretending to fly one of the helicopters.  He was quite involved in his little imaginative play (I think the helicopter was supposed to be a larger version of Harold the Helicopter), when all of a sudden he accidentally pressed one of the side buttons on the toy and it talked at him.  Obviously he had the wrong one.  Dinosaur took a step back in surprise, his lip jutting out as he strove to mask his shock.  There was only one explanation for this in his mind.  Only one person could have played this horrible joke on him. 

Summoning up his shattered poise and dignity, Dinosaur clenched his little fists and growled/yelled: “RAAAASCAAL!”

(of course, they don’t use their blog names in real life, except maybe Princess, because she thinks she is one. ;))

4 thoughts on “Boy, you make me smile.

  1. Can’t count the number of times Rose has been in trouble and said, “this is all Hank’s fault!” even if he had absolutely nothing to do with it! Hank is talking more now too, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing from him about how everything is his big sister’s fault. 🙂

  2. Yes, so it begins! 😉 The rest of the assembled extended family were able to hear this phenomenon firsthand tonight, and no one could keep from laughing. Fortunately Dinosaur had his back to us.

  3. It’s so hard not to laugh sometimes (or scream)…I find myself spending a lot of time trying to restrain myself one way or the other!

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