Autumn night = candlelight

This is not in my house.  No way would this display last even five minutes within reach of my children.

This is not in my house. No way would this display last even five minutes within reach of my children.

One of the Signs of Autumn around here is the re-emergence of my tealight obsession.  On a given night I could easily light 12-13 tea lights in different parts of the house, in addition to the random votive light and the scented pillar candle that appears as a centerpiece on the dining room table (even if it isn’t lit until the majority of the children are asleep).  I never seem to light many candles in the Spring and Summer these days.  I used to frequent the corner of the Hallmark stores in order to find the perfect Yankee Candle for the season.  When the budget required, I’d defer to the Wal-Mart candle aisle.  But frankly, there wasn’t really a good scent for Spring and Summer that appealed to me.

Now Autumn and Winter have a plethora of scents that you can find in a candle that gives your home that artificial but cosy aroma.  I don’t usually buy candles that smell like food: they either don’t really smell like food or smell so much like it that it makes me hungry.  No cinnamon bun candles (just cinnamon), and no banana bread candles, either.  An apple pie candle…maybe, although usually it’s just an apple-scented one.  Pumpkin candles are also great in October/November.  In December I might actually splurge on the Yankee candles again.  If not, it’s back to a pine scent and cinnamon.  Occasionally I pick up a Glade candle at the grocery store.  There is one scent they put out for the winter that immediately takes me back to childhood, and the cardboard box of Christmas decorations my parents would bring down from the attic.  It included decorative Christmas soaps that we’d never unwrap, scented sachet ornaments and sculpted candles.  The scent of those things infused the box over the passage of time.  The company that produces Glade candles never calls it the same name twice.  I think last year it was something like “Angel wings,” but to me it is the “Cardboard-box-of-Christmas-decorations” candle.  Hey, it’s the memories that count.

I’m pleased to be creating memories for my own children these days.  Rascal followed me around excitedly as I lit candles in the kitchen, dining room, living room, main bathroom, and my bedroom.  He wanted one in his room as well, but that’s just not an option.  I wonder if someday he’ll reminisce about how his Mom would bring out the jar of tea lights when the evenings grew darker earlier and spread a bit of cheer throughout the house.  I wonder if he’ll remember how the Fall Decoration Bin smelled of “Mulled Cider” after I left a candle in there during it’s attic sojourn.  If not, one of the girls might remember.  And maybe one day she’ll find a candle in the store that reminds her of these cosy nights together.

(I just ran a quick spell-check before publishing and was surprised to see the word “scent” selected.  No, I most emphatically do not mean to use the word “sent.”  What kind of dictionary is that?)

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