8 Years Later…A Nation has Forgotten

This picture was on the front page of FoxNews.com this morning, one of the few mornings I actually tuned into the MainStreamMedia rather than browse the headlines to get my current events (I have my reasons for that, which would be a blogpost in itself).

Over the past few years I have often wondered just whether the nation as a whole–and those in political power–really do remember what 9/11 was all about.  The complacency of the United States of America was smashed in a day when terrorists struck at our heart with our own airlines and made us realize how fragile and vulnerable we are–and how much we take for granted ideals like freedom.

Today, of course, everyone remembers, just as we remember Pearl Harbor on December 7th.  But tomorrow?

Tomorrow we will return to believing that people who espouse the pro-life cause, as well as the men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan–those people we hailed as heroes eight years ago–are domestic terrorists because of a report our Department of Homeland Security put together without any hard intelligence to support it.

Tomorrow we will voluntarily report our neighbor’s e-mail address, blog, or social networking page to the White House because he or she didn’t agree with health care reform.  Obviously, having a contrary opinion puts you up there with the extremists.  We do this for our neighbor’s own good, you know, because listening to smooth talking platitudes is so much better than the truth.

Today we will mourn, perform an act of service, say our prayers and make fine speeches.  Tomorrow we will settle back into our complacency.  I only hope it will not take another day like September 11, 2001, to shake us back into the reality that freedom is something we pay for, somehow, every day.  And it is every bit worth the fight.

2 thoughts on “8 Years Later…A Nation has Forgotten

  1. When I got the “pingback” that said you had linked to me, all I saw was the beginning of the quote “Tomorrow we will voluntarily report…” and I thought, “Wow, someone’s found me! And they’re going to report me! I’m going to get in trouble! Sweet!”
    And then I saw it was you. : )

    Nice post. (as always!!!)

  2. Thanks for the compliment. Usually I leave the political commentary to you because you do it so well. 😉 Today, however, I thought I’d get this off my chest. I’ve been thinking about it a long while.

    Curious, isn’t it, how the DHS tells us that they’re not going to gather profiles of “pro-life domestic terrorists” but yet we’re supposed to turn in our e-mail addresses/blogs/etc. for disagreeing with the health issue? I’d hate to be the guy stuck with the job of profiling all the addresses reported in!

    Oh, and sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t bothered to report you. 😉

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