Summer’s Last Hurrah!

In which, I attempt to catch up on the past few days….

Today most Americans had a holiday and presumably enjoyed the last cookout of the summer season.  Or the last swim in the public pool.  Or maybe watch a game of football.  If they play football right now…. which serves to prove my ignorance of all things athletic.  Baseball!  Now there we go.  Someone probably watched a baseball game today.

Today I gave up on my pumpkin vines.  The fact that they were yellow and covered with dull grey leaves helped a bit.

We had a half-holiday of sorts.  The boys watched some educational DVDs in addition to working on some of their regular assignments.  All the children played outside a bit in the morning and early afternoon before a very summery thunderstorm rolled in.

On Saturday we celebrated Haus Meister’s birthday.  Many happy returns of the day, darling!  Rascal discovered that although parties for Daddy are not exactly like parties for boys like himself (i.e. less sugar, less balloons, less toys), they can still be quite fun.  Especially when followed up by a round of disc golf the next day.

We’ve almost shaken off the Nasty Cold Bug that afflicted the family last week.  Thanks for all the encouragement!  I needed it late Thursday night when Princess wouldn’t sleep anywhere except in my arms in the computer chair.  It’s not the perfect place to sleep but it works in a pinch.  Haus Meister saw the doc and ruled out H1N1, mercifully.   The irony is, until last week, Haus Meister and I didn’t have a family doctor.  The kids have their wonderful pediatrician, and I have my ob/gyn, but we had never needed a regular doctor.  So finally we find one, and we’re told, “it’s just a cold.”

Oh well, sometimes anti-climax is a good thing. 😉

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