Small Successes: the Nursing Edition

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

Ever since last Friday, at least one person in the family has been under the weather, so pardon me if I use the above picture instead of the happy pink & green flower for this week’s successes.  Clicking the nurse picture which, of course, bears zero resemblance to myself, will take you to Faith and Family Live!

1) Chicken Soup!  Haus Meister bestowed a highest accolade on me the other night when he told me that the soup I had made was the best he had ever tasted.  I have to note that I combined the recipes of two accomplished cooks: the Cream of Chicken Soup noted in this book by Tasha Tudor, and a recipe of Haus Meister’s grandmother’s.

2) Despite the fun of having Daddy home all week (he’s working remotely until he shakes the bug), the kiddos have done their schoolwork pretty well.

3) At the risk of becoming Pollyanna, I noticed that if I force myself to smile while in situations beyond my control, I at least start to feel better about them.  It doesn’t change the fact that I’m running the fifth load of laundry of the day/picking up the toy I asked the child to put away before bed/getting up for the second time in a night (and etc. along those lines), but it does help my own morale.  And when Mom’s happy….

Bonus Successes:

1) Haus Meister–for helping with a sick child in the wee hours of the morning, even though he needs the sleep himself.

2) Trooper–whose special needs counselor only yesterday mentioned how improved he’s become in behavior and attention to school over the past year.  🙂

I hope you all have had a good week.  Since I’m still well, I’m going to continue on as usual and do my grocery shopping today.  In addition to chicken soup ingredients, I think I am going to stop by our favorite seasonal orchard store and get their best-ever apple cider.  Nothing sold in the big supermarkets can compare.  My men need a treat, and I know that will cheer most of us. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Small Successes: the Nursing Edition

  1. Keep smiling! It makes everything in life a little easier to get through. Congratulations on a fabulous week of nursing and loving. Good job Trooper for working hard to do better in school.
    Love your blog. Look forward to visiting again!

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