Fall Fever

The link to this recipe is below.  This is NOT my cake.   I can only admire such perfection from afar.

The link to this recipe is below. This is NOT my cake. I can only admire such perfection from afar.

I have to say that it is hard for me to keep a summer mood when everyone is back-to-school.  Trooper has been in school since the 11th, and Rascal begins tomorrow as his curriculum program is shorter.  He will be taking some subjects at preschool level after all, but otherwise he’s good to go.  We’ve been doing workbook pages ever since Trooper started, because Rascal would not be left out of the loop.  Once he saw Trooper’s school set up, he had to have his workboxes ready along with his “finished” poster!  But that’s enough about school for now; onto “Fall fever.”

Fall Fever hits me each year sometime in mid-July, probably in conjunction with the back-to-school catalogs arriving in the mail and the LL Bean “Fall preview” showing sweaters I won’t be wearing this autumn.  At the sight of a sweater, however, I suddenly feel ready for apple pie, spice-scented candles, hot tea, and cozying up with some cross-stitch at nights after the kids are asleep.

And of course, at that time of year we have yet to go through the most brutal humidity of summer, which just adds insult to injury. 😉

My dogwoods seem to have the same idea about seasons that I do.  They are the first trees in my yard to anticipate both Spring and Autumn.  For instance, half of one tree is already a mottled green/orange and some red leaves are already falling.  Never mind that it was 90 degrees at one day last week!

Not many people anticipate Fall around here like I do, so it’s nice to see my trees cooperate.  😉  Haus Meister bears with my “Fall fevers” pretty nicely, especially since it usually takes the form of wholesome goodies from the kitchen.  Yesterday I put up a quart of homemade applesauce (well, it was supposed to be two quarts but one jar had a mishap).  This evening I am making a Harvest Pound Cake.  If you’ve never made one, you should, provided you’re into spices and apples and caramel.  However, if you wish to wait until there is a hint of frost in the air, you are more than welcome.

I’m also getting ready for soup season.  This is the second Sunday this month I’ve roasted a chicken, in the hopes of using the bones & etc for homemade chicken stock.  Three years now I’ve made my own chicken stock and let me tell you, it’s easy and so much more flavorful than the canned or boxed variety.

So for tonight I’m going to laugh at the summer in the air, make my pound cake, and indulge a little. Or a lot, as the case may be….

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