A very random thought

This is silly.  I meant to write about the wonderful 20 week ultrasound where we found out we’re having another daughter.  I meant to write about Rascal’s 4th birthday party.  I meant to write about Dinosaur’s “singing,” and Trooper’s AAC device.  But the following is what came from my fingertips this evening….

The other afternoon I saw some kids walking down the street en route to further adventure a block or two away.  This is not unusual.  However, what struck me about these two fellows–either of them probably no older than 12–is that the latest style in extremely skinny jeans does not flatter skinny boys.  In fact, it accentuates the “string bean” look.  Should skinny jeans still be en vogue when my lads are tweens, they won’t get ’em.  Sorry.  No.  Chances are it will save me the whine and agony of one of them looking back at photos twenty years from now and accusing me of letting them out of the house like that.

I should also add that one of the tweens I noticed wore dark green skinny jeans.  So maybe I am out of the loop enough not to realize that young men want their legs looking like a pair of green beans.   Silliness.

Of course, coming from a girl who once crimped her hair, teased her bangs, and wore high top shoes with leggings (that did nothing but accentuate the fact that I, too, was once a string bean of a kid), it seems hypocritical.  On the other hand, I prefer to think that “age” has made me more “reasonable.” 😉

3 thoughts on “A very random thought

  1. My parents never let us follow the fashions and at the time I thought it was horrible, but now I thank them for it.

  2. I’ve always tended more towards a “dumpling” appearance than a “string bean” appearance, even as a kid! Skinny jeans are not flattering to either physique!

    Skinny jeans are so hard to move around in–they strike me as very poor attire for any active child, boy or girl.

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