10 years ago today…..


Photo from the Christendom website http://www.christendom.edu

Haus Meister and I met on this day in 1999, in the lower level of the building pictured above.  We had just finished our entrance grammar exam, two brand new freshmen embarking on our college careers.

I’m naturally an outgoing person, but I had been feeling too homesick the evening before to mingle at the ice cream social.  I hadn’t met many members of my class yet, at least outside the mandatory orientation talks.  So, coming out of the classroom I looked around for a chance to strike up a friendly conversation with someone.

Only one person in the immediate vicinity was not grouped in a cluster of people but stood on the fringe listening.  I thought it amusing–and rather gentlemanly–that he was already in slacks and a tie.  Myself, I was enjoying the brief days before dress code would be enforced.

“Hi!” I greeted this well-dressed stranger. “That exam was a killer, wasn’t it?”

He smiled down at the impertinent girl addressing him (my point of view ;)).

“Yes,” he replied, “I believe it was.”

The rest is history.

9 thoughts on “10 years ago today…..

  1. Has it really been ten years? My goodness! He was living back in St. Frans w/ two of your choir companions and my then love interest. Time has really flown by!

  2. VERY crazy that is has been an entire decade. We all *were* such “kids,” weren’t we? 😉 When I was searching the college website for the Commons picture, I looked at the campus image and thought, “well, 10 years ago THAT building wasn’t there…. or that one…. or THAT one.”

    To the current student body we must be ancient. 😉

  3. Reblogged this on Dwelling in Tol Galen and commented:

    Originally posted on August 21, 2009. I had to update the picture. I’m also adding things i italic. 😉 Lucky 13 this year! 13 years…. Best 13 years ever.

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