He counted to “three.”

Today Trooper counted to three.  It’s just one of those many little things that we take for granted with our typically developing ones, but when a boy’s intelligence is veiled by the fact that he can’t speak to you, it’s an amazing moment when he finds a way to express it.

Our last assignment today was Math Readiness.  I had been looking through good ol’ Brigance to see what our next goal would be, since the goals we started with this week (review from May), were well accomplished.  So I sat Trooper down with five blocks and asked him if he could count one block for me.  He pointed to one.  The manual suggests asking numbers out of order, so I went out on a limb and asked him to show me three blocks.

He distinctly, purposefully, pointed out three individual blocks.  And smiled.

I’m certain he knows more, and he enjoyed repeating the task for me.  When I asked for “four,” he tapped the blocks four times but double-tapped one of them.  Next week, we’re going for five of five.

It’s like a new vista has just opened for us.

5 thoughts on “He counted to “three.”

  1. that’s exciting! This morning Andrew counted the four squashes on the counter and surprised me. “One, too, fee, fo!”
    So your post was timely for me!

  2. What a wonderful gift from God! You are such an amazing woman and mother. I want you to know that I look to you as an inspiration of motherhood. Lots of love!

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