Small Successes: On the road

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.
Well, I’m not literally on the road.  I’m sitting on a bench on my parents’ patio. 😉  I had my days mixed up this morning and forgot that Wednesday was yesterday (silly, because I knew the day quite well yesterday as I went to get Haus Meister from the airport), but that’s why this post is a little later than usual. 🙂

1) The bookcases–all five–are reorganized in preparation for the start of school next week.  I hope we don’t have to move any time in the next five years–that was a larger project than anticipated and while I love building up the family library, I am not especially eager to relocate it. 😉

2) We haven’t caused any major destruction of my parents’ house, despite the disbelief of many that eight people are inhabiting a two-bedroom abode.

3) Thanks to the handy shoe size chart in the Hanna Andersson catalog my Mom received this week, I have now figured out and consigned to memory my children’s shoe sizes.  I’m very good about remembering the clothing size, but I always seem to forget the shoe size when I’m out on my biannual clothes shopping spree.  I like Hanna Andersson’s philosophy about buying quality clothing that can feasibly be expected to last through a few hand-me-downs.  I could easily picture my daughters in her playdresses until they outgrow the largest size.  But still, $36 a dress?  Can this philosophy compete with the fact that I am such a tightwad? 😉

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