August is Farm Month (for us)

Our summer vacation is winding to a close.  We’re ending it up here in Indiana with my family (Haus Meister is away at a conference in the DC area for the first part of the week, but gets to be back in time for the fun at the end of it).  One of the things I love to do for our little homeschool is to plan a theme for each month.  For example:

August = Farms

September = Apples

October = Pumpkins/Harvest

November =  Thanksgiving

December = Advent & Christmas

These themes find their way into our crafts, songs, and extra reading time, as well as some field trips when we can manage it.    I haven’t found a pick-your-own apple orchard yet, but an orchard near our home runs a quaint little store from September through Christmas.   They sell apples from their orchard as well as honey and jams they have made.  Not only that, but the best apple cider we have ever tasted.  Not quite field trip material, I suppose, but we make autumnal pilgrimages there nonetheless.

A visit to the pumpkin patch is a must in October.  One year we rode a train to a pick-your-own pumpkin patch; last year we visited a Pumpkin festival at a Farmer’s Market.  Fun stuff!  There is a Polar Express train every December in our area, and while it sold out last year before we bought the ticket, we did take the oldest two boys on a regular train ride anyway.

This year we have the unique possibility of kicking off the Month of the Farm with maybe two field trips.  One definite trip is to the Indiana State Fair which opens this Friday.  The other trip planned is to Fair Oaks Farms, a large dairy farm in Northern Indiana.  There will be plenty for the kids to experience at both places!

At the very least, they’ll get to see some John Deere action no matter what, and that would be enough for them. 😉

4 thoughts on “August is Farm Month (for us)

  1. I think it’s a plan for Friday if the weather holds. We’ll make sure to sample the chocolate ice cream. 🙂 When did you all get a chance to go to Fair Oaks?

  2. we went in June, on our way up to Jim and Regis’ house. We visited the farm early in the morning, right when they were opening, so we were the only ones in the ‘birthing barn’ witnessing the calves being born. (two cows in labor at once!) it was an awesome experience.

    we didn’t go on the bus tour, because we were short on time, but I had been before with George (and Andrew was just a baby) during another home visit, and it is very interesting too. They drive you through the barns with all the dairy cows and show you how they milk them on a huge carosel. very cool.

    they also have some little kiddie rides, like a train and some J.Deere tractors that you can ride on (your boys would LOVE it). We were so early that we rode them for free, but I think usually you have to pay a fee for all of this.

    Maybe I’ll post a blog entry about our visit. I never really talked about this part of our trip, because we were sort of in transit. stay tuned…

  3. Wow–this sounds like fun! I hope you are able to write a post about it sometime.

    We passed the farm two years ago on our way home from visiting some of Haus Meister’s family in Michigan. We didn’t have time to stop then, so I’m looking forward to going soon.

    The problem I foresee is getting Rascal *off* of the ride-on tractors…. 😉

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