Not in my house!

Back in the early days of our marriage, as we rented an apartment and dreamed of owning a house, I used to buy copies of magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and cut out ideas of things I thought would fit in my “dream home.”

Ironically, none of those ideas did work in our dream home.  I suppose it is because I never expected to live in a 1940s early rancher.  My original dream home was something along the lines of a sprawling Victorian.  I also think that the evolution of our decor has a lot — almost everything — to do with the fact that we have small children involved.

For example, this passage from a recent Better Homes article that landed in my inbox today:

Accessorizing with book stacks on a coffee table and a tray of river rocks or seashells “makes a house feel real,” says designer and Better Homes and Gardens contributorStephen Saint-Onge.

Upon reading this, 2003 Haus Frau would have brought out the basket of seashells gathered on her honeymoon.

Instead, 2009 Haus Frau shudders at the thought of a tray of rocks placed anywhere near the coffee table.  The shells, by the way, are in the attic except for a few favorites that are well out of reach.

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