It’s the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 …

… and my space shuttle & space rocket loving hooligans could care less.  I’ve tried repeatedly this week to spark some interest in the event but have failed miserably.  I suppose that’s due to a limited knowledge on their part of the solar system (recently I overheard that God lives on the Moon); as well as the plain and simple fact that unless something on the NASA website looks like this:

Endeavour launches

Endeavour launches

then it is just not worth their time.  😉

Someday, though, probably  for the 45th or 50th anniversary of this momentous moon landing, maybe one of the boys will be at the stage where he’ll know more about the early space missions than some of the workers at NASA.  That will make his Grandpa M. and his Daddy proud.  😉

In the meantime, though, we pause this audio replay of authentic Apollo transcripts to watch the launching of the MLAS program, which, as Rascal puts it: “It goes up, and then bonks.”

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