Catching up

Ok, so I said a few posts ago that I would blog about our 4th of July, so I had better say something of it before too many more days elapse.  🙂  It ended up raining all day on the 4th.  Not just drizzle, either, but a wet, cold rain that almost reminded one of October rather than July.  Almost.  The fact that my mom had bedecked the old homeplace with patriotic buntings and we were all in short-sleeves rather dispelled the autumnal illusion.  So no parade for us, the Southerners not having packed for 65 degrees and a wet rain that apparently didn’t dissuade the John Deere drivers or the marching bands.  The fireworks that evening were cancelled, but I was right, someone in the next neighborhood had a display going as the rain had tapered off almost completely by then.

We had a fine 4th of July “cookout” thanks to the menfolk who manned the portable grill just outside the garage door.  The next day we had a fine afternoon, and following a delicious Sunday dinner we had our own fireworks show in the backyard, tame enough for the kids to enjoy.  They weren’t quite sure about the community fireworks later that evening (luckily, we can view them from my parents’ porch).

This week has found us in the midst of yet another house “project.”  We’ve learned that no project in this house will go without a hitch, somewhere, sometime.  Like the time we tore out all the old ugly bathroom tiles from the ’40s (as nostalgic as I am, those things were not keepers), and despite our efforts to keep the old cast-iron bathtub, were compelled to remove it.  Fortunately, doing so exposed a hole in our subflooring due to insufficient grout sealing and the seeping of water over 60 years.  All fixed now, but it did give us a turn.

Sometimes we get a treasure out of the deal, maybe rarely, like the year we were going to replace the countertop in the kitchen.   We decided to replace the vinyl tile on the floor as well since the existing floor wouldn’t match the new counter.  In the meantime we removed a superfluous door between the kitchen and dining room that swiveled open or shut (neat, but we never used it).  That door had been bolted to the original floor–a pine floor buried under four (yes, four) layers of vinyl tile or linoleum.  So we scrapped the vinyl tile idea and unearthed the pine floor.

This time we discovered anew the treasure of friendship as we went to replace our horribly inefficient single-pane picture window.  It worked insofar as it kept out rain or intruders, but failed miserably at keeping at bay the cold or heat.  When Haus Meister and our friend removed the picture window, they found not only had the window never been sealed or caulked during its original installation (unless said caulk or seal had rotted with age), but that water had destroyed the bottom of the window frame over time.  The two of them stared at it, discussed it, and began to rebuild it.  Our friend’s parents came by and pitched in, even though they had other plans for the evening.  By 10:00pm, the menfolk had rebuilt the window frame and installed the window.  Some cosmetic stuff remains to be done yet, but the window is in and the family room feels cooler already.  We are truly very grateful for our friends’ help this weekend.  That project definitely did not go as smoothly as planned.

Meanwhile, I must away.  Princess just emptied another bookshelf.

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