Midnight ramblings on summer reading and school.

Book of the Year 2009

Book of the Year 2009

This is Rascal’s absolute #1 favorite book.  I began introducing them to Jan Brett’s works this past winter with (of course) The Mitten, as well as Gingerbread Baby. My sister-in-law bought The Hat for Dinosaur’s birthday.  My parents gave the boys The Three Snow Bears for Christmas, and Haus Meister’s parents for the same holiday added Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve? As winter quickly disappeared, I began looking for more Jan Brett works at the local library.  Hence, this perfect-for-space-rocket-loving-boys book about the first hedgehog astronaut. Around here, it’s known as The ‘Edgie Book.  Somehow Rascal went cockney on us and dropped the ‘h’.

Unfortunately, The ‘Edgie Book is a seven-day rental over the summer months, and Rascal has been wailing and gnashing his teeth each time we have to return it.  Light dawned on the horizon as I explained that if he really really wants it, he might just get it for his birthday (coming up next month).  I’ll probably have to borrow it again before then, however. 😉

Today I sat down and filled out the order form for Rascal’s kindergarten curriculum.  I peeked through sample pages and began to get really, really excited about all that the boys will learn this year.  Tonight I told Rascal that he would learn how to read “all by himself” very soon.  Of course, I’m thinking Dick and Jane type reading, but Rascal’s eyes widened to the proverbial dinner plate size and he gasped: “The ‘Edgie book?!”    Wow, talk about great expectations!  On the other hand, he’s heard it so many times I’m sure he could almost recite it from memory. 😉

In other school news, I found some neat crayons for Trooper. I’ll bet these have been on the market for ages, but I just discovered them a week ago:

They’re designed to help younger kids “get a grip” on coloring and writing and I am already seeing an improvement in his writing grasp.  Rascal knows that these are Trooper’s special crayons, and respects them accordingly.  It helps that he has his own assortment of 24 non-triangular colors.   Now, if only Princess would respect her brothers’ school space.  I found out today that my ideal school shelf might have to be moved.  She purposefully dumped out Rascal’s box in order to find and start chewing on the red-violet crayon.  This could pose a problem when I really begin implementing the workbox system. Crayons disappear rapidly enough in the normal course of things; I would rather not deal with digested crayons.  😉

8 thoughts on “Midnight ramblings on summer reading and school.

  1. What kindergarten curriculum did you get? (If you don’t mind my asking). Digested crayons are gross. Hank has done that a few times. For a while he would also eat markers. Rose has become an all marker girl–she never wants to use crayons anymore. So, now Hank thinks crayons are not cool, too. He pretty much follows Rose’s lead on everything!

  2. Yes. He may be a year behind the “official” age but in all respects he’s ready. If something is too hard for him, we’ll take the extra time to work on it. That’s the beauty of homeschooling. He’s sharp as a tack and he wants to keep learning, so we don’t see why we should hold him back. Besides, it can only do Trooper good to hear his brother’s lessons.

  3. Yes, Cathy, I’m going to homeschool Rose this year. I’m trying to decide whether I should piece together my own curriculum or purchase one. Obviously, I need to figure it out soon! 😉

  4. I didn’t realize he was close to Patrick in age. Patrick will be 5 in Nov. He is already starting to read, etc, but art wise and writing wise was not at all ready for the BIG K! But he will be starting a whole year early since if he went to school he would miss the cut off by 6 weeks!

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