Scenes from the Road

We’re back home again!  This time there were no worries heading out, and we made it home in relatively good time.  Because the three youngest slept through Kentucky, I snapped a picture of this for Dinosaur especially.  The kids get a kick out of seeing the “big dinosaurs” by the highway.

They just missed it!

They just missed it!

Ironically, on the way north we needed to make a pit stop at this very exit and thought we’d stop at Dinosaur World hoping there would be a big dino out front for a photo op.  Well, there was indeed.  Our Dinosaur was very happy about this place, babbling on about “big dinosaurs” while in the meantime Rascal looks askance at a huge triceratops and suggests: “Um, Mommy, maybe we should keep going!”  We did, mainly because the exit was crowded and Dinosaur World was a bit too happening of a place that day for us to all get out of the van and try to arrange a photo.

Yesterday as we headed south, we had to stop for gas for the van soon after entering our home state “because it is thirsty.”  The BP we found was attached to a fireworks depot, like thousands of other gas stations in the South.  To distinguish itself from the other gas/fireworks/beer stations around, this place boasted a gigantic Native American fellow looming near the tractor-trailer diesel pumps.  This guy seriously disturbed Rascal.  He and the Dinosaur couldn’t take their eyes off of him while Haus Meister took care of the thirsty van.

The "bad man"

The "bad man"

Finally, Rascal said softly, “Mommy, that’s a bad man.  He doesn’t want cars coming here to get gas.”

I love the kids’ take on the little things like this.  Any other time I wouldn’t have given the “bad man” a second glance, but now we’re always going to remember this when we pass that gas station.

More on our trip in my next!

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