The best laid plans…

It looked like it would work.  Haus Meister got a nap with the boys while I finished up some projects.  He woke up in time to help me straighten up the toys in the living room (uncomplainingly).  The dishwasher was set on its delayed start (as in this house, nothing can run at the same time as your shower if you want hot water, and “Water Hot is a noble thing.”), and the coffee pot was set for 5:30am.  There are a few loose ends to be tied before we head north at dawn, but we anticipate a smooth start.

And then she woke up.  And went back to sleep, only to waken again ten minutes after returning her to her crib.  Cheerful.  That’s not a good sign; a cheerful happy Princess in the wee hours.  She didn’t want to sleep in our bed, no, she wanted to crawl around exploring the headboard.  Or pinching our noses.  After half-an-hour of desperately willing her to go to sleep, Princess and I came back out here.  Forty minutes later, she’s asleep again.

The coffeepot is set to begin brewing in two hours and fifty minutes.

Now, I am truly happy that Haus Meister had that nap and is sleeping now.  It is meet and just that the main driver tomorrow (today) will be the one who can drink more than one cup of coffee.

And I’m rather glad I am online now, because I found this interesting entry which has made me think very hard about planning ahead for the little outings.

Occasionally it crosses my mind, though, whether this hiccup in our plans isn’t God’s way of telling us NOT to leave before 7am.

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