Finally Thursday

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.
We are about to go on a mini vacation to my parents’ house for Independence Day.  We’ve been looking forward to this all week long, so we’re so glad it’s “Finally Thursday,” because in the morning we’ll be on the road!  If we get on the road early enough to satisfy my parents, I’ll post it as a success next week. 😉

This past week I:

1) Called in a plumber to fix a problem with the bathroom sinks.  Now, Haus Meister is our resident handyman.  He can build bunk beds, landscape and plant gardens, exterminate vermin, patch up plaster walls, fix minor plumbing issues, replace windows, etc.  This problem, however, was “a foe beyond any of you” and needed a plumber.  Additionally, it’s been a busy work week for Haus Meister so I had to overcome my reticence to call anyone outside family, friends, and doctor’s offices, and I did it.  The plumber was out that afternoon and extricated a small pencil sharpener that Rascal had dropped down a drain about three months ago.  Luckily, Haus Meister came home for lunch while the plumber was here, and the plumber very kindly showed Haus Meister what he could do to fix the problem in the future.  Huzzah!  We also joked that Rascal, being the responsible party, will not be getting an allowance for ten more years. 😉

2) Liz over at Frugally Blonde posted about homemade yogurt a few weeks ago, and we gave it a shot.  Success!  The resident yogurt consumer, Trooper, gives it his full approval.

3) I began to make homemade salsa with the first fruits of our garden.  The tomatoes are ripening quite rapidly, but it is becoming a race between myself and the blackbirds over who gets the remaining tomatoes on the vines.  The buggers are attacking the green ones now–mainly the cherry tomatoes, but nonetheless it is quite annoying.

2 thoughts on “Finally Thursday

  1. Next time you are Walmart check the screen material. We bought three 48″ by 84″ for $7.00 each. We couldn’t believe how much the blackberries grew this year over last year. Blackberry jam, blackberry cobbler, blackberry cordial, blackberrys and ice cream,…… etc. Can you tell I have blackberry’s on my mind.


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