Li’l Bean

Today was my first prenatal appointment for the current pregnancy.  No one gave me a hard time for being back so soon. 😉  My doc admitted to only being a “little” surprised and enjoyed the stories of our kids’ recent antics.  I was amused by his comment that “maybe you’ll get a girl this time, too,” because of course, that’s why we’re still having babies, right?

For the record, I don’t mind either way.  I will happily welcome another boy to our troop and I will happily welcome another girl to grace our home.  It’s always been that way.  Admittedly, the hope for a girl was much higher with each new pregnancy before our Princess arrived, but gender has never been the sole determinant in our — ha — ‘family planning.’  We kind of figure God knows what He’s about, and we’ll take whomever He gives us.  Rascal, however, thinks the baby is a girl.

So today I got to see our new baby on the ultrasound.  He/She looks like a little bean–hence the post title.  Most reassuring was the visible heartbeat.  🙂  There’s nothing like meeting your child for the first time.

7 thoughts on “Li’l Bean

  1. Congrats on the new little one! I don’t think you have heard, but Don and I are expecting Goodman baby #2 this January also. Maybe we both can have another little girl to add to the bunch! How old is Abigail?

  2. Glad you had a good first visit! I didn’t get to hear a heartbeat yet and my doc didn’t do a sonogram 😦
    So, I guess I’ll have to wait until next time. They want to test me for gestational diabetes, but there’s no way I can do the test until I’m throwing up much less. That horrible syrup stuff ain’t gonna stay down for one minute, let alone three hours (especially after a 12 hour fast! Ugh!). I’m just trying to remember that in a couple of weeks I should be feeling a bit better (I hope!)

  3. I hadn’t heard yet! Congratulations to you both as well! 🙂 Our little princess is a week shy of 9mos right now. Joseph is about to have a birthday, right? Or am I way late on that one?

  4. Sheesh. I been tellin’ y’all to move down here to God’s Country. Early Springs, no bad snows, and sonograms at 8wks. 😉 Ok, seriously now, I have been thinking of you a lot and hope you do feel better very very soon.

    Out of curiosity, why do they want to test you this early? I thought that was ~23 weeks or so?

  5. They want to test me this early because I had sugar in my urine sample (not too much info I hope). And it’s actually different from the glucose screening test at around 23 weeks. This would be a glucose tolerance test that requires me to follow a special diet for three days before I can even drink the disgusting syrup. The doctor didn’t explain that, either. I found out when the nurses handed me the diet guide as I was going out the door. Nice, huh?

    Cathy, congrats to you and Don! That’s wonderful!

  6. Thanks for the congrats. Not many people know, so you should feel special 😉 I can only count on two hands the # of people. Some people have announced their pregnancies on facebook at 4 week and that is way too early for me. I am due January 26.

    I LOVE my OB! There are many alternatives to that horrible glucose drink! Like eating a certain amount of jelly beans, etc. You should inquire about it at your office. I guess my doctor is used to weird people since when she was in Philly she delivered many Quaker babies, some without the lights on! She also let me opt out of many of the blood tests since the results have not changed over the years. Atleast I get to save some money with her!

  7. Sounds like you have a cool doc, Cathy! They actually let me do the easier Glucose screening test (no fasting, just drink the stuff and come back an hour later to have blood drawn). No jelly beans for me 😦

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