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A very random thought for today….

HP_trinity_09I found this image of the Blessed Trinity on the EWTN website this evening.  I am sure the full painting reveals great artistic and theological depth, but in my semi-sonambulistic state, this picture tickled me.  It struck me that God the Father and His Son Jesus look like they’re just hanging out in Heaven having a conversation!  They seem (at least to me) rather relaxed.

What a great thought that is–especially when worries assail about all the worldly cares.  Someday, all these cares will be behind us, and if we’ve merited it, we too, can “hang out” in Heaven with the Almighty.

I was joking with one of my dearest friends about taking a good century out of eternity (when we get there) to catch up on sleep.  If everything that is Good is in Heaven, then surely we’ll have a chance to sleep.  😉  My friends with BAs and MAs in theology are going to pounce on me for this one, I am sure. *chuckle* I mean, obviously in Heaven we won’t need slumber for recuperation and thus probably won’t feel fatigue.  But it’s cruel hard on a mother to think that there is a sleepless eternity ahead of her.

So I think I’ll just wait for the verdict on that one for the Pearly Gates.  By then, I won’t care either way. 😉

(Can you tell I am tired? Good night)

2 thoughts on “A very random thought for today….

  1. Haha, you’re right about that picture– I think it’s the way God the Father is resting his arm on that cloud! haha!

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