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This week’s pat on the back.

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

Hmm….I need to post more in between Thursdays otherwise all everyone’s going to see are these flower stickers.  😉

1) We turned in our 7-day rental library books on time.  Huzzah!  Of course, those two happened to be the Rascal’s favorite, so now he is requesting them daily.  Looks like another trip to the library soon.

2) I gave Trooper and the Rascal haircuts all by myself–they no longer needed their Daddy to keep them in the chair. 😉  So that is a success for all of us.

3) Another family-wide success–we finished our first year of homeschooling.  It was quite an adventure.  Looking back, it’s fun to see how much the boys learned, and are still learning.  Trooper especially has come a long way since August.  Of course, I think I learned a lot myself.  Not about the alphabet and colors, obviously, but about my sons’ individual learning styles, and about keeping reasonable expectations.  Trooper will still be having “lessons” over the summer with life skills and readiness, and Rascal has some workbooks to keep him busy until August.  I am already excited about the new school year.  🙂

5 thoughts on “This week’s pat on the back.

  1. I may have to get you to teach me how to cut boys hair–I’ve mangled Hank’s head three times now! Of course, it’s not all my fault. We took him to a professional, and she couldn’t do much with him, either. Will it finally come to a summer buzz cut? It might. Trimming Rose’s hair is so easy….sigh!

  2. Congrats on finishing the homeschool year! I am getting stressed out about starting homeschooling … glad to hear a happy story from a recent beginner!

  3. Haha–it’s the summer buzz all around, except for Haus Meister. Of course, he sits still.

  4. It’s easy to be stressed; we’re taking on a counter-cultural task! Not to mention the fact that there’s SO much information to sift through and curriculum models to choose from; everyone has a different take on some things; and we still have to get the housework done as well. I am grateful for having this year under my belt to see what things work and what didn’t. Just keep breathing and don’t worry about the days (that will come) when you feel like nothing went right. The day your child looks at you with the happy “I got it!” look and shows he/she’s got the lesson down is such a sweet reward. 🙂

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