I have a new favorite dress.  Even if I didn’t like this particular dress already, I would love it now because it inspired the Rascal to give me an unsolicited compliment.

“That’s a vurry pretty dress, Mommy,” nodding his head.  “Daddy give you that?”

Daddy is the giver of all good things these days.  The other day he brought home some chocolate milk as a treat for the boys.  Rascal was allowed to have some depending on his behavior during the day.  Let us just say that it was less than stellar that particular day, but he still requested the chocolate milk when Haus Meister came home.

Haus Meister: “Were you good for Mommy?”

Rascal: “No, just Daddy.”

Can’t fault the kid for honesty!

But my favorite is this one, as he hugged his baby sister:

“This is a vurry nice baby.  She’s wittle.  I love her.”

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