Which Season Are We In? revisited

Thursday dawned as a usual Spring morning ought–sunshine on the dewy leaf buds and flowers and lots of lovely birdsong.  By noon, the boys and I had changed into shorts and were out in the backyard enjoying the warmer weather.  Rascal begged to have the pool out, but I told him that despite the temperature it was not Summer yet.  By 3pm some clouds began to block out the sun and a cool-ish breeze had picked up so that by evening, when Princess and I left to start the first part of the weekly grocery shopping, we were in jeans and jackets.  The way the grey clouds rolled back from the sunset, their edges trimmed in pink, reminded me so much of Fall. I joked to Princess that after such a weather change I would not be surprised to see frost out in the morning.  Well, last evening as the whole family returned from a shopping expedition we saw a Walgreens sign announcing a “FREEZE WARNING TONIGHT.”  Winter’s last hurrah?

I have to laugh about this again.  When we arrived at the neo-hippie organic health foods store last night, Rascal and Dinosaur climb into one of those carts that have the little driving car at the base so kiddies can ride, beep little “horns” and imagine they are steering while the parents navigate the aisles.  Trooper has almost outgrown them, so he helped Haus Meister steer while Princess and I manned the main grocery cart.  In the meat department, where I scandalized some vegan sensibilities by ordering a whole pound of breakfast sausage, the men’s cart decided it needed to keep moving.  I didn’t mind–it is a smallish store so I knew I’d find my men again without much trouble.  Indeed, as I turned down the dairy/alternative dairy aisle a few moments later I hear familiar shrieks of laughter and then began to laugh myself as my men turn the corner….

Haus Meister and Trooper were calmly pushing the cart as usual.  Dinosaur was leaning out the “windshield” of the cart’s car, as if trying to launch himself, laughing and grinning from ear to ear.  Rascal was executing some sort of rodeo maneuver, hanging onto the basket of the cart while sideways-riding on the door of the little car.  We did, of course, advise them to sit back down and practice good grocery store manners, but it was funny all the same.

And it reminded me why I don’t take all of them to the grocery store by myself. 😉

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