“Why can’t you say something righteous and positive for a change!”


Ah, that time of week when I get to decorate this page with a pretty button. 🙂  Extra credit to those of you who can name the incredibly ridiculous movie I’m quoting from in the subject line.  Hmm…you know, that line has some sage advice for the media these days… 😉  Of course, I usually do say things that are positive, but I do like to be creative with my subject lines if I can…. and I know my sister is going to read this and laugh because she’ll get it.  May that count as a fourth success? Getting people to laugh? 😉

1) I straightened up the front porch, putting the Christmas tree by the curb (finally), and setting out birdseed (“bird beans,” according to Rascal 2) for our feathered friends.

2) I set aside some spring outfits to donate/consign that the boys never really wore.   I still have tons of clothing for future sons or nephews to wear/demolish, but I needed the space in the storage bins for Princess’ clothes that she is fast outgrowing.

3) This success is in progress as this post goes to print, but we are making St. Valentine cookies today.  We have pink icing ready and red sprinkles and about 7 different sizes of heart-shaped cookie cutters.  Colds and croup from Thanksgiving through New Years prevented me from my Christmas cookie extravaganza, so I’m making up for it now. 😉

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